It’s been two weeks since I started in my new role as Press and Media Manager at OggaDoon. I remember sending my job application in and then telling my wife that while the job looked really interesting, I had one too many Y chromosomes for the role. Thankfully it turned out this wasn’t an issue.
My first two weeks in OggaDoon flew by. It’s been a steep learning curve as I got to grips with the clients that the company works with, was introduced to a flurry of new faces and then struggled to put names to those faces when I met them a second time. Still, I feel like I hit the ground running.
In my first two weeks in the role I dealt with public relations work for a high value client, crafted press releases and discussed media opportunities with journalists. That’s in addition to joining networking events where I was obliged to meet with and talk to interesting people (it’s hard work, but someone has to do it).
One of the most interesting things about OggaDoon is getting insights on how the company works. I’ve never worked for an agency before, but I found that I like it. Working with such a large range of clients, I know there will always be interesting work to do.
I enjoy jumping in and out of projects and identifying ways I can add value to the work a client is doing. There have already been opportunities where I have provided helpful feedback to clients, but more importantly, I have seen plenty of opportunities where I can add extra value in the future.
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