As many UK health tech and fitness brands are moving through to the new financial year, you can hear the buzz of excitement from marketing communication professionals as finally, we are going back to face-to-face events. Nevertheless, content marketing remains a significant part of the PR and digital marketing strategy, and by the looks of it, its importance is only increasing.

Having first-hand experience with a number of established or start-up in health tech, femtech and fitness brands, such as Forth, LatchAid, or The Conqueror, we’ve learned what works best in content marketing, and we are well-positioned to advise how to do it the right way.

Here are some of our top tips for health, femtech and fitness brand content marketing for 2022.

1. Put your leaders and ethos in the spotlight
2. Podcasting
3. Embrace the metaverse
4. Video marketing
5. Use your social media!
6. Case studies

Put your leaders and ethos in the spotlight

Leveraging the personalities of your leadership as extensions of the brand is a great strategy. It humanises the brand.

New customers, investors or potential employees like to know the leaders or founders behind the brand, it creates an understanding and trust in the business as a whole.

This re-enforces the human aspect and inspirational stories behind the development, growth but also challenges around building a business. This allows for a more inclusive diverse approach to humanising a brand. This message can be repurposed across all formats and will be of interest to different key stakeholders.


Podcasting is not only great fun but also a key trend in 2022, and as podcasts increase in popularity, so do their audiences. In 2021, over 19.1 million people listened to podcasts in the UK – a number that’s expected to rise to an estimated 28 million listeners by 2026.

Some of the many advantages to joining the podcasting world are:

  • A podcast provides a format for sharing the expertise of your industry
  • Hearing the voice of the presenter gives listeners a stronger connection to a company
  • Podcasts are easy to produce at low cost, you just need a computer, microphone, and an easy-to-use software for editing audio files
  • The familiarity and consistency of regular podcasts can help your company’s brand

There are two options for podcasting as a form of content marketing: either become a podcast guest in your sector, or create your own branded series. If you create your own podcast, it can be shared with your own stakeholders and could drive customer retention. It’s also a handy tool for acquisition, attracting audiences to register to listen to previous or upcoming episodes.

Embrace the metaverse

Marketing practices keep evolving. From social media and its importance for driving traffic and sales to sites, to mobile-first development schemes, mobile devices are taking over from the desktop. It’s a fast-moving landscape that’s worth staying on top of. And next on the list is likely to be the metaverse.

The metaverse in the broadest terms is a uniquely immersive and virtual public space that will be a new digital place to work, shop and talk. It uses the latest technological advancements in VR, AR, 3D video conferencing, and NFTs to create our own little piece in a new digital marketplace.

So embracing this leap into the future may help your business evolve with the times and leave you open to new opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible before. Using this to market health technology could be incredible, considering the capability of 3D video to transform the way remote businesses deal with clients globally.

Video marketing

Video is no longer just one part of your business’s marketing plan, it is now an integral part of it that’s vital for your outreach. Especially your social strategy. A report by Wyzowl on the state of video marketing in 2022 found that in 2021/22, 86% of businesses used video as a marketing tool.

The videos that generate the most views are often explainer videos and short, engaging social media videos. And according to Hubspot’s 2022 study 84% of people claim to have been convinced to buy a product or service purely based on watching a brand’s video – it’s clearly an effective marketing strategy.

Use your social media!

A 2022 report from Statista showed that almost 80% of the population are active social media users. This is further proof that social media is the place to find your prospective customers, investors, and shareholders. We already understand the power of reaching your target audience through a ready-made and easily accessible site. So keeping on top of your social media means you can grow your community and your reach, just by posting regularly and keeping the content flowing.

Case studies

Case studies are proof of vital evidence that tells your prospective customers and media audiences about the core brand and service benefits that you can provide. Using case studies is a proven hit when trying to market any kind of content, but even more so for tech content marketing.

In terms of PR, journalists are always looking for end-user case studies to highlight real-life problems and how they are solved, and this goes for both B2B and B2C brands. They are certainly a powerful tool to demonstrate the value that is brought by your brand and proposition.

The team of bright sparks at OggaDoon have been continuing to work their magic supporting our clients with various forms of content and digital marketing that goes with it.

OggaDoon takes great pleasure in producing key brand messaging, creating killer newsworthy hooks which demonstrate the value that our clients’ groundbreaking innovations bring to the markets and media that they serve.

It’s all about being part of the ‘big’ important conversations, and making the mark through value-driven and educational content. OggaDoon works hard to deliver your key messages to your key stakeholders and capture any feedback.

Whilst supporting our clients throughout the pandemic, with digital communications and marketing strategies, we have all certainly upped our game in video editing, becoming accustomed to the broad range of tools out there. However, there is a real opportunity to create consistently higher value, top-quality video content with strong branded visuals. We are now doing this for clients.

So there are six easy options for boosting your tech brand’s content marketing in the 2022/23 financial year. For help with your content marketing strategy, visit our Case Studies page to check out some of our own success stories.