Emily Perkins

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Strategic messaging, branding, creative content, events comms, and a whole lot more.

Why OggaDoon?

"Working with some of the most innovative tech companies in the world? Delivering strategy for sustainable and ethical brands making real differences? Unlimited creativity and limited cake? What's not to love?"

  • MA and BA Joint Hons from globally ranked university
  • Certified Google Analytics
  • Bestselling author

Emily Perkins

Associate Director

Emily Perkins

Emily joined the OggaDoon team back in May 2017 as our Creative Content Manager, before being promoted to Associate Director in April 2019. With a passion for creativity, the nitty-gritty of messaging and branding, and the opportunity to make tangible differences to our clients. She loves authentic stories which demand to be told, influencing through the written and spoken word, and engaging directly through social media.

After swearing at a frighteningly young age to ‘live by her pen’, Emily gained a BA in History and English and an MA in Medieval Studies, both at the University of York (grab yourself a cup of tea before you ask her about medieval wills!).

It quickly became apparent that creative content narratives and influencing people through them was going to be her career, and before arriving in Bristol, worked with some of the world’s leading tech companies: from Sony to Samsung, Beats to B&O. She now utilises that decade of experience in branding and messaging across a variety of platforms and disciplines such as digital marketing, content marketing, social media, press and media.

Emily’s wealth of knowledge, charisma and the ability to clearly convey ideas means she often hosts workshops and talks, and is the Director of our event package, Events 90.

When not at OggaDoon HQ, Emily is writing bestselling historical romance fiction and eating as much cheese as humanly possible.