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Cyber security marketing – How can you boost your online visibility?

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2020 has been seen exponential growth for the cyber security industry and there’s no signs of a slow down.

With rising cyber crime and more interconnected devices used in work and home environments, effective cyber security services are needed now more than ever.

Many businesses know that there’s a need for cyber security, but find it difficult to choose the right service from an overflowing market. Various tactics can be used to increase your visibility and ultimately, boost sales.

Here’s how to increase your brand awareness as a cyber security company and engage your audience.

Train your audience

Training in cyber security can reduce being susceptible to phishing attacks by up to 80%. Cyber threats are regularly changing, so you’ll need to keep on top of the latest trends. Showcase your thought leadership and educate your audience on the perils of ransomware and malware attacks, outlining the potential risk to their business.

A lack of education among CEOs and C-level executives can considerably impact a company’s decision when deciding which software to choose.

A GDPR breach can cause a loss of trust resulting in less profit, fines or both. The report, Trends in Cybersecurity Breach Disclosures, found that after reviewing 639 cyber security breaches since 2011, the average cost to a publicly-traded company was $116 million.


Offer the solution

Put your audience at ease and provide the solution to their cyber security issues. Small eCommerce businesses are suddenly awash with data due to the current Covid-19 lockdown situation which may compromise their cyber security.

Address the recent growth of businesses going online to boost their visibility and stay relevant. Work out who your specific audience is and look at their problems or pain points. Offering downloadable content such as whitepapers or other resources is a great place to start. Provide useful information with simple, but effective, solutions.


Build an online presence for your company

Focus on where your company should target your audience. Use social media services, from Twitter to LinkedIn and create a hub of content to generate interest and discussion. Your content should be comprehensive and data-driven but also tell the story of your brand to differentiate your company from your competitors.

Create evergreen content for high domain authority websites by targeting relevant industry publications. Make yourself heard and stand out above the rest. Just remember – extravagant claims can attract attention, but communicating your values consistently makes for long-term success.

Offer a new interpretation of the different varieties of cyber threats that relate to your specific products and solutions.

Here at OggaDoon, we understand how challenging cyber security marketing is. Get in touch to see what results you can achieve.

Author: Simon StonePR and Digital Marketing Executive writes about digital trends, PR, cyber security marketing, tech marketing, sustainability, and more.

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