OggaDoon’s Digital Trend Report explores the most impactful digital trends from the past month and what this means for your business. We unpack what’s been going on across social media, search engines, and more.

May has been a busy month for all things digital. Both users and platforms are still navigating lockdown and the evolving consumer habits. But one thing is for sure, the future is digital.

Major companies are releasing updates to improve the user experience now we’re living online. Google released a major core update which severely impacted the ranking order of millions of pages, causing a knock-on effect for many ecommerce businesses. Twitter announced that it was broadening their guidelines to introduce warning labels for misleading content around Covid-19 – the platform has also instigated a battle on misinformation warnings with none other than Trump himself. Over on Facebook, they’ve been updating their advertising objectives, opening up markets for influencers. And on Instagram, there’s a new range of tools designed to help support small businesses who are struggling in lockdown.

Lots to digest.

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