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Social Media, Google Ads, Strategic Marketing, SEO, Branding, Corporate Communications.

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“It challenges me to think fast, act faster, stay relevant, identify trends, and apply the first-mover approach for companies we work for.”

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Elena is our strategic Digital Marketing Manager, bringing a drop of international experience here at OggaDoon. Not only is she is a creative and strategic digital marketing manager, but she’s also an avid researcher. Elena’s strengths include transforming data inputs into narratives for improving brand touchpoints and enhancing the overall customer journey experience.

With a focus on growing companies through a catchy social media presence and well-optimised content, Elena is both strategic and hands-on when it comes to digital transformation. Understanding the market’s dynamics, its challenges and opportunities, and how customers respond to them is what drives Elena’s approach to a sound digital marketing strategy.

She has worked with companies in the Middle East, managing marketing teams, and user experience projects for private and public enterprises in the United Arab Emirates or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Before embarking on her Middle East adventure, Elena was fully engaged in the online working environment, providing marketing and business strategies and consultations for clients from all over Europe, Asia, Australia, or the Americas. She gained consistent international experience while working for multinational companies from France, Turkey, Spain, and Germany located in Romania. Elena worked with first-movers, such as the first video-game producer (Ubisoft) or the first shopping mall (Anchor Group) in the country, learning to be a bold trendsetter for achieving results.

Elena is well-accustomed with a multicultural working environment and she gets many of her marketing ideas from understanding the cultural uniqueness of different nationalities.

When asked what her favorite digital marketing activity is, Elena answered: “It’s a very difficult question. It’s like asking a mother which one of her children she loves more. I feel comfortable with content writing, but I like the thrill of social media and PPC’s constantly changing variables, while audience research keeps me up at night sometimes.”

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