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What does OggaDoon mean?

We get this a lot: Oggadoon is the Scottish equivalent of gobbledygook.

What does OggaDoon do?

In a nutshell digital marketing, SEO, PR, events, strategy and branding.

Are you ready to start your digital marketing journey?

It’s all about our bespoke creative and strategic approach to every project and in our production of content and communications. We don’t do one size fits all. We take the time to listen to your needs and bring in all our expertise to help you achieve your business goals by making sure you are in all the places, whether that be on social, at events or in the press. Find out more about us here.

We can work on a campaign or project, such as a crowdfund or product launch, or on a retainer where we’ll have a set creative capacity per month. Campaigns are great if you need help delivering something very specific – this can be over the course of a month, quarter or year etc – and, like retainers, will have a set amount of creative capacity allocated to working on it. Learn more about our campaign work here.

We don’t operate a ‘daily rate’, as we believe that creativity is so much more than simply time. With that in mind, we use creative capacity, which takes into account time, creative industry-leading expertise, and impact and value to your business.

Absolutely. We often work with in-house teams and marketing personnel, and alongside other agencies to lead, strategise, and complement each others’ marketing and PR efforts. We feel comfortable setting the parameters of our work as well as being flexible in order to maximise the impact that we have on a project. Learn more about how we can work with your team here.

You’ll have a key contact who is on hand to respond to your queries by email or by phone. We cluster around clients based on skills, and you’ll be introduced to them when we start working together. You can contact anyone who works on your project to get advice and answers, though we suggest that you try to contact the person who is more involved with the aspect of the project you need an answer for.

Here at OggaDoon we play everyone to their strengths and will match people to clients where their passion and expertise are needed. We also meet twice a week as a team to get input from everyone on how we can continue to deliver outstanding work by brainstorming creative and strategic ideas.

Yes, but we’ll always recommend who we think is the best fit for you and your business.

Regardless of who you have spoken to, the best people for your business will be selected from our team and we all input creatively across all our clients.

After gaining an understanding of your business objectives, marketing goals, as well as the impact we can deliver, and produce a bespoke proposal with different tiers of delivery taking into account your budget.

Budget is a factor to consider when it comes to outlining the delivery and impact we can have on your business. We always consider this and try to create tailored approaches based on your needs and budget. Our work has a starting price which reflects the creative capacity we bring to a project while ensuring we create reach, generate impact, and amplify your brand.

As previously mentioned, we operate on creative capacity, not purely hours. If you have a specific budget in mind, then let’s chat about your business needs and how we can support you.

Every client gets  creative capacity. See above to learn more about what this means.

We are flexible. Sometimes we’re able to take creative capacity from the previous month, or reduce creative capacity in the following month in order to help achieve your goals and generate the impact we’d like to see. We are always transparent about the work we do and the opportunities we see and will advise if perhaps we need to allocate more creative capacity (and where this will come from) or increase the budget.

Welcome to  OggaDoon+ which all our clients have access to. It’s our extensive network of clients, colleagues, influencers, journalists and professionals whom we work with. Find out more about how OggaDoon+ can benefit you here.

Absolutely. We have and always will act as an ethical marketing agency. We ensure that we not only represent our clients’ brand values by being conscious of our own social and environmental impact, but also consider these factors at every stage – from the way we do business to the way we communicate ourselves and our clients. Read out Ethical Marketing Statement here.

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