This guest blog comes to you from Zahrah Jabeen, Sales Engineer at Zebra Technologies. As the world clamours for more women to rise in engineering, technology, and business, we wanted to chat with a woman who has done just that.
There has been a significant growth in the number of women working in technology/engineering and IT roles, and the representation of females working in the tech area has definitely changed and is continuing to change.
I enjoyed studying IT at GCSE, which led me to choose the subject at A-Levels. On the first day of my course of IT at sixth form, I was the only female in my class.
I had second thoughts: had I chosen the wrong subject to study because the class was male-dominated?
But then I thought to myself that I chose this subject because I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I will stay and learn further without thinking that about how I was the only woman in the class.
My interest of the subject became more enjoyable and I decided that I wanted to study it further. I opted to study IT at university, and my knowledge was increasing everyday throughout my university years. I graduated in the year of 2017 and secured a spot on the graduate scheme at Zebra Technologies in September 2017.
Today, my job title is a (Graduate) Sales Engineer and I love it so much. I have the chance to visit customer and partner sites, I am involved in many customer events, meeting clients, meeting partners, and being visible.
Being a women in engineering/IT sector has really opened my eyes. Women often struggle to go into this sector as it is highly male dominated, and I used to struggle as a woman and a Muslim women wearing the headscarf – but I wanted to be someone who always pushed their self to the very best in terms of education and job regardless of gender and ethnicity.
From my personal opinion, if you enjoy something that much, keep at it! Don’t be put off if it’s a male dominated industry. We are the generation that will change that.
I am still in the early stages of my career but I definitely want to continue rising at my very best pace in my career, to progress in the engineering/IT world. Women are definitely doing impressive things in the engineering/IT roles and they need to be praised.
Women: we can do it.