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92 %

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300 %

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Our client HAB Housing requested additional support from OggaDoon to promote their new IFA bond. HAB's goal was to raise funds to facilitate the acquisition of land, and the development and construction of sustainable housing projects in the South West and South East of England. To reach the widest possible audience of investors, we needed exclusive press coverage from a renowned media outlet, which we knew would have a wide readership of potential investors with similar values to HAB.


We worked with the Guardian’s Finance Editor to secure exclusive Monday morning press coverage, both in the print edition and online. As a result, HAB’s website traffic saw a significant increase in September, with page visits up by 92%. Throughout the month the website saw a 78% increase in new users and a 70% increase in sessions. Social media also saw significant growth in line with the release, with Twitter mentions increasing by 300% and impressions almost doubling. Facebook reach tripled and the story was the most popular on HAB’s LinkedIn for 2017.


The main challenge was to cut through the noise, and emphasise the Bond as doing good for the UK – namely, combating the UK housing crisis. Press can be wary of advertising investments as they are surrounded by legal clauses, so we had to be straight to the point, transparent, and focus on the ultimate outcome of the Bond, which was to help HAB Housing acquire land to build new sustainable housing in the UK.


We approached our contacts in the Telegraph, the Independent, and the Guardian for the exclusive, and the Guardian picked up the offer almost immediately. Through our ongoing work with HAB Housing, we understood the titles that would be the best fit for HAB and its values. The Guardian is known for its left-wing values and support of environmental causes, so was considered a key target for exclusive press coverage of the release.

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