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Strategic marketing, PR strategy, Creative content, Social media marketing, Virtual and physical event management

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“It is a really exciting time to work in tech marketing as there is so much happening in the world of tech, so many trends have shifted and redesigned not just because of Covid-19, but also as we enter the 4th industrial revolution. This blended with the Oggadoon mission to work with people and businesses with a passion and a purpose to create a positive social impact, across a variety of sectors, including SaaS, healthtech, femtech, proptech, fintech, cyber, low carbon and green sectors. This makes for a really interesting opportunity to help clients be successful, make a positive social impact myself and and learn more different and evolving tech sectors.”

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Head of PR


Head of PR at OggaDoon - Nicola FinnNicola brings with her more than  20  years of agency and in-house experience, from a diverse range of B2B and B2C companies; working with a range of Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups. Nicola offers a  fresh perspective for the team, our clients and new organisations seeking to raise awareness of their products, services, and brands through marketing.

Nicola’s career started at the forefront of global travel tech innovation, promoting the first e-ticket. She moved into various EMEA roles marketing motion pictures through to consumer electronics, retail and broadcast entertainment, specifically launching the first HDTV services in Europe.

She ran her own marketing agency for nearly 10 years, creating digital platforms, apps, various integrated campaigns, as well as organising and promoting live and virtual conferences, before a short, C-19 stint back in-house and over to join the team at OggaDoon. 

When not at Oggadoon Nicola is busy planning campervan trips with team Finn, trail running with Oomi the spaniel and trying to locate the crazy kitten that her gorgeous family persuaded her to welcome in the home.

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