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Projected HealthTech market volume by 2026

We’re living at a time when healthcare is more important than it has ever been. Fortunately, the Health Tech sector is stepping up to the plate and creating technology that is relieving pressure on the NHS.

As a Health Tech marketing agency, it’s our mission to support Health Tech companies with their campaigns, marketing strategies, launches, and everything else it takes to bring a product to market and ensure it succeeds.

Health Tech Marketing Challenges

Cutting through the noise and getting your Health Tech business noticed in a world when so much attention is paid to the healthcare trend of the moment can be a challenge.

Which is why you need a Health Tech marketing and PR agency like OggaDoon to help you manage your content, secure press coverage, and grow an engaged community online.

Health Tech Marketing Solution

As a Health Tech marketing agency, we’ve helped brands establish and nurture social media followings, secure press coverage and interviews in some of the UK’s most-read publications, and rank on the first page of search engines. As experts in Health Tech PR and marketing, we know how innovative businesses can increase brand awareness, become more accessible online, and gain more leads through constant digital marketing efforts – so you don’t have to.

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