We are thrilled to be working with Flourish Magazine, a Bath-based creative title that celebrates the way people thrive in particular places, and gives a unique and candid insight into communities, cultures, and the different ways we flourish outdoors.

Editor and curator of Flourish Magazine, Lucy Saunders, self-funded the travels that feature in the magazine, and the creation of the pages themselves. Now, she is seeking backing through a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of Flourish Magazine Volume II: The British Isles.

In January 2018, Volume I gained the support of almost 200 backers who loved the idea of Flourish so much that they pledged £3,600 to support the printing and shipping of 1000 copies. Now Lucy is opening up the opportunity for people to become a part of the journey for the UK edition.

We never hide our ethos of working with brands with passion and purpose, and Flourish Magazine embodies that. Flourish Volume II shares an eclectic variety of locations, food stories, lifestyle and travel tips, folklore, adventures in nature, and outdoor exploration. It is a study of nature, taking readers on a journey from the Isle of Skye down to the Dorset coast, stopping off across mainland Britain and some of its surrounding islands.

The magazine is a reminder that life and nature are experiences, capturing moments from people to landscapes, and encouraging readers to think more about their surroundings, and what their next adventure will be.

At the time of writing, the campaign is at 60% of its target – and popular rewards are selling out fast. If you’re interested in photography and nature, and want to support local creatives, get involved and support the Flourish Magazine Kickstarter here.