Brand Relaunch and Profile Raising


pieces of press coverage

 566 million

reached via global articles

 18 point

raise in domain authority



To launch the rebranded NCIM by creating a communications strategy, rewriting/redesigning their website based on an audit of their current website and comms, and secure press opportunities for their lead clinician - with brand new visuals from The Way Design.


The NCIM website has seen 67% more new users to the website with an increase of 68% in traffic overall. In just 3 months, we secured 4 pieces in global press titles such Refinery 29, Thrive Global, and Authority Magazine - reaching a total of 566 million readers, and boosting NCIM’s domain authority from 7 to 25, improving the website’s search ranking.


Originally known as the Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine, it was time to reaffirm the centre’s national reach and internationally renowned doctors - shaking off the idea that NCIM was just for the people of Bristol and the surrounding areas. Their team is made up of clinicians and not marketeers, so we had to develop a strategy from scratch.


In a workshop session, we explored what NCIM is and what it stands, bringing it together into one strategic document of branded communications setting out audiences, messaging, tone-of-voice, and marketing goals for the next 12 months. This document informed an extensive website and social media audit, leading to the delivery of messaging and content creation/curation which supported NCIM’s social media persona. The audit also included vital information about NCIM’s keywords and domain authority which was then used as the basis for the website rewrite and PR strategy lead by the OggaDoon team. New graphic design and visuals were created by The Way Design, and following this creative refreshing, our launch involved ramping up communications on social media, setting the new website live, and a press push with continued press interactions over the quarter delivering coverage in international titles. The launch was successful and feedback from NCIM and the clinicians’ online following was positive.

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