Advice from a green marketing agency

As we all know, the Coronavirus lockdown has changed our lives and world dramatically in the space of just a few weeks. It’s caused an economic crash, countless disruptions, and increased domestic abuse. It’s also reduced our carbon emissions, encouraged biodiversity, and saved lives.

So how can we retain the oh-so-needed green benefits of the lockdown once our liberties have returned and we’re free to move around again? Here at OggaDoon, a green marketing agency with extensive experience in the green industry, we have a few tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint in a post-Covid19 world.

Reduce your commute

One of the biggest reasons why carbon emissions have reduced during the pandemic lockdown is the reduction in travel. Flights are grounded and the commute to work has completely stopped, meaning motor vehicle use is down, as is tube use, rail use, and of course flights. This has seen a rapid improvement in air quality across the globe and has even seen wildlife return to urban areas. 

So, once lockdown is over, try to keep your commute to work reduced and sustainable. Take meetings via Zoom if you can. Opt for sustainable modes of transport such as cycling, walking or bus. These are all good practices we implement at our own green marketing agency.

Offset your emissions

If your commute is unavoidable and produces significant amounts of carbon, a good way to reduce your carbon footprint is to pay monthly into a carbon offsetting scheme. This will balance your carbon footprint and will justify your commute. 

Even better, don’t create any emissions. Consider going paperless and try to restrict your waste; the more waste that is generated, the more carbon will be needed to dispose of it.

Check the label

We live (or lived) in a consumer society that preys on people as customers 24/7. This means many of us end up spending every time we leave the house and waste our money on unnecessary things. So, try to reduce what you buy and think about where your purchases come from. Not only is this good for your own purse strings, but it’s good for the planet.  

Try to shop locally. Independent, local shops are your best bet for finding locally sourced produce that has a small carbon footprint. Also, check the label. Really think about what is this item you are buying? Where has it come from? And where will it end its life cycle? 

Implement these few things and post-lockdown life will be kinder, more community oriented, and most importantly, more sustainable.

We’re an ethical green marketing agency keen to make a difference. If you need help with your business, either to move towards a sustainable future, or to shout about your incredible sustainable work, let’s chat.