Thanks to our SEO expertise, we’ve carried out a variety of SEO ‘deep dives’ for clients to help them understand peaks and troughs in their web traffic, the reasons behind them, and a range of potential solutions.
From our research, we identified a number of major players that can ultimately hold back your SEO, and in turn, your web visitors. Check our top five commonly missed tips to improve your SEO ranking:
Check your speed
It’s hard to know how quickly your site is running from browser to browser, and even harder to know how to fix it. But slow site speed can repel visitors, and leads to a lower search engine ranking. Optimise your website, and aim for a loading time of 2 seconds – the recommended time for ecommerce sites.
Know your keywords
What is your customer looking for? How will they find your page? What will they be searching? These are the questions you should be thinking about before writing any web content. From your about page to your blog, put yourself in the mind of a customer who might not yet know that your website has what they’re looking for.
Pay attention to metadata
It’s not just jargon. The tags you use on pages and images will affect your web ranking. Keyword stuffing, and using identical descriptions on every page, are just two things that can affect your click rate.
Make friends online
Inbound links from trusted sites are one of the best ways to build your page authority. Offer guest blogs to well-known websites in your industry, partner up with companies (even your competitors), and get people talking about your brand.
Site maps matter
It might seem like an unnecessary piece of extra admin, but site maps matter when it comes to SEO. Site maps help search engine crawlers read your website more intelligently, and they therefore trust website with sitemaps over those without.
Still feeling stumped? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the aspects of SEO, so why not less us take the weight for you? Our team of experts know where to look and what to do to get your SEO in peak condition, from web audits, to creating content, to SEO deep dives. Get in touch now and watch that web traffic come flooding in…