Simon Stone

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Creative content, social media, PR.

Why OggaDoon?

“Because when working in a fast changing industry, it’s important to be with an agency that’s on top of creative trends. Also, it’s amazing being able to work for a genuinely ethical company. “

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PR and Digital Marketing Executive


Simon has a wide background in social media, email, and event marketing. He can deliver high quality PR campaigns and top notch written copy for clients and for the OggaDoon website. Simon enjoys bringing his creativity to the forefront and interpreting data. After leaving Plymouth University, he started his journey in marketing as an apprentice, before becoming an executive for several marketing agencies and event companies, demonstrating that he can deliver outstanding work for numerous disciplines, including property tech, cyber tech, finance, sustainability, and plenty more.

Simon lives in Bristol, which he thinks is a great match for his creative personality. If you’ve got a question about digital marketing, then Simon is more than willing to help.

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