Six weeks with OggaDoon – By Parys Gardener

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Six weeks ago I came to OggaDoon without having much experience of how a Digital Marketing and PR agency worked. I came from a background of events and arts marketing for my family’s business, art institutions, and my own art and design freelance work. I was looking to refine some of my skills, build on my knowledge and grow my confidence. Here are some highlights of the things I’ve learnt over the past few weeks. 

Social Media Consultancy

I’ve learnt how to conduct a social media audit and offer suggestions to clients based on the needs of their business. I learnt that this process is more complicated that you might at first think, and involves studying each platform’s analytics to get an understanding what is currently working, and what isn’t. 

Writing and Distributing Press Releases 

After being guided through the process, I now have a sufficient understanding of how to compose a professional press release, suitable for a range of media outlets and different types of press, for multiple industries

Understanding Crisis PR (and the importance of good planning) 

After attending a detailed workshop held by Bobby, I now have proficient understanding of how to approach handling a situation in need of Crisis PR, what that means and most importantly, what to put in place to manage a Crisis situation within any business.

Developing Social Media Content and Understanding Analytics

This included making visual content for platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, something I had more experience coming into the placement, as well as writing blogs and articles for LinkedIn. This is a skill which I will be continuing to work on, over the past six weeks my confidence in professional writing has grown massively thanks to the help from the OggaDoon team.

In-depth Research for Influencer Campaigns 

I built profiles for potential social media influencers to be included in client proposals. This was something completely new to me, and I enjoyed learning how to identify good client-influencer fits.

Making Bespoke Templates on Canva 

I’m an illustrator by practice, on my first day I shared some of the graphic design work I had recently created and told Bobby that graphics design is a muscle I haven’t stretched in a long time and would do keen to do so during my placement. In the past six weeks I’ve built a range of user friendly bespoke templates to be used on Canva for social media, PDFs and more. 

Confidence and Organisation 

Managing several tasks to completion throughout the day, attending meetings, taking notes  and writing confidently are all skills I knew I wanted to develop. As a person with dyslexia for me, these things haven’t come naturally. My time at OggaDoon allowed me to practice and strengthen these skills while I was supported by the team. 

My time with OggaDoon has been so valuable, the things I have learnt and the skills I have developed here will stay with me as I continue my career. I want to say a massive thank you to Caroline, Bobby and the whole team who made me feel welcome and created a supportive and nurturing environment. 

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