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Social Media Objective

Pryvate is a cyber security company, providing end-to-end encryption solutions to individuals and organisations. Their Pryvate App is the most secure communications platform, allowing clients to talk, chat, make video calls and browse the internet with ease and security. Their enterprise solutions include Secured Managed Conversations, Privacy Compliance Solution, Closed User Groups, remote wipe, and more. We’ve worked with Pryvate for their social media marketing, with the objective of increasing awareness around PryvateNow app, and around its security solutions for enterprises.

Social Media Results

We’ve provided organic social media across Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, assuring communications for B2B and B2C, aligned with Pryvate’s communications objectives. Across our collaboration with the company, we delivered weekly social media content, focused on key formats, meant to increase Pryvate’s visibility among different audiences on social media. When it comes to results, this is how they look like: LinkedIn impressions increased by more than 5,000%, Twitter impressions were boosted by 110%, and Instagram engagements increased by 300%.


Pryvate’s services are very diverse, serving different individual and business needs. Our main challenge was to identify and structure key messages for different audiences and various verticals (including healthcare, accounting, education, and more). This, and finding the suitable social media formats and content that was relevant, informative and engaging for these audiences were our core focus.


The message needs to be simple. This was the starting point of our strategy. We looked into trending cyber attacks techniques targeting individuals and organisations and provided useful insights into how Pryvate can help users tackle such risks. Through weekly social media calendars, we integrated formats like: story-telling, memes, quick questions, testimonials and quotes, industry buzz, or web links, to make Pryvate relatable and drive traffic to its website, enhancing the digital journey for its users.
Social media for Pryvate App

Guerilla Tactics Used:

Organic social media

Cyber trends

Creative copy



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