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Social media is a vital part of your digital marketing strategy. It’s the number one source of referral traffic online making up 35% of all referrals, and used correctly ensures that your target audience discovers your business. It can be hard to reach your target audience – and that’s where we come in.

Why Choose Us

Our results speak for themselves. Our data-driven strategies generate inbound enquiries and leads. We ensure our social media creation is engaging and reinforced through research and analysis, your branding, and our social media expertise across all platforms.
““As a food brand, Foozie trades heavily on social media. As part of a wider PR and media strategy, OggaDoon delivered exciting social campaigning ensuring that Club Foozie was the talked about launch.””

Thom Whitchurch

Founder, Floozie

Are you ready to start your digital marketing journey?

As a social media marketing agency we know our stuff. 180% increase in visitors, 53% reduction of CPC – we’ve delivered this and more.

We’ve worked with events such as TEDxBristol utilising social media to make their event a sellout, helped CoInnovate 2018 trend for a day in the UK on Twitter and worked for companies like Gregg Latchams becoming an external part of their marketing team. With our digital strategy in place, we curate and create content designed to gain reach, generate impact and boost engagements, being as hands-on, or off, as you prefer.

Social media marketing is the new way to network.

Like every person, every brand has a personality – but how do you convey your brand’s personality online? This is what we’re here to help with. Our team is filled with social media and digital experts with varied experiences, from using social media for events marketing, to lead generation using social as part of a variety of tactics. Just ask our clients, we delivered a 1,386% increase in Twitter mentions for Immortal Sport, and we sparked over 40,000 conversations on social media for TedxBristol 2017.  

We do things differently at OggaDoon, breaking the mould with our guerrilla marketing strategies and daring ideas. Businesses are just as unique as people, so we help them to showcase their individuality on social media, rather than blending into the noise. Get in touch if you want to stand out from the crowd.

What social media platforms should you be using for your business?

We’re well-versed in all aspects of social media marketing so your brand is safe in our hands. Give your company a professional edge on LinkedIn, help your business to thrive on Facebook, and show your brand’s fun, creative side on Instagram. 

All social media platforms work differently and each platform has different demographics. 

We take into account your vision for the future of your business and use social media, along with other marketing tactics to help you get there. 

Brand awareness with social media content

We also have experience in increasing brand awareness through organic digital content and paid ads on social, so we’ve got all bases covered. Some of the social media and digital content that we create includes:

  • GIFs and graphics to show your brand’s personality and encourage engagement from current and potential clients
  • Sourcing and delivering informative articles to engage your audience
  • Paid campaigns for products that really get into the nitty gritty of what your potential clients want and how to reach them
  • Integration of content from other sources, such as your website, newsletter, or an article that’s featured your business
  • Social media posts that reflect your brand and tell your story
  • Videos and animations to cut through noise in busy newsfeeds
  • Organic campaigns to communicate your key messages 

Sounds pretty time consuming, right? Well, that’s what we’re here to help with. We do the hard work for you and ensure the integrity of your brand across all digital platforms. 

What does social media management involve?

Social media management is more than creating scroll-stopping content for your accounts (although we do that too). We conduct data analysis, which involves customer segmentation and profiling, audits and reporting, analytical reports, and creative content analysis. Successful social media management also involves strategy. Some of the tricks we’ve got up our sleeves for a fruitful social media campaign are individualised messaging for different audiences and platforms, scheduling and timing based on current industry research, and creative content curation. When it comes to content creation we use strategy and data analysis to plan and activate campaigns,all rounded off with hashtags that we’ve carefully researched. 

If you would like to know more about social media management, follow us on Twitter for our tips and tricks.

We’ll talk about how we can help you with social media marketing

If you decide to work with us, we’ll have a sit-down, either over the phone, video call, or in person, whatever works best for you and talk through your brand, your business goals and what your vision for the future is, then create a plan for how we’re going to get you there. We create a baseline analytics report, looking at metrics across all social media platforms, including engagement, followers, reach, impressions and many more (don’t worry if this is sounding like another language, we explain everything). We delve deep into your business needs and requirements to understand how we can target content towards your desired audience. This information is what is then used in the content creation process. 

What we offer:

Data Analysis

  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Social media audits and baseline reporting
  • Analytical progress reports and recommendations
  • Creative content and copy analyses


  • Scheduling and timing
  • Multiple Channel Management
  • Creative Content Curation
  • Individualised messaging for audience and platforms; Tone of Voice

Content Creation

  • Plan and activate strategic campaigns
  • Content targeted for your audience
  • Curation of industry-relevant news
  • Insight into hashtags
  • Activation of crafted content

Our tailored social media marketing service starts at £500 PCM. To get started, fill out the form below. We will respond in one business day and get the coffees in for our first meeting.

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