Accelerating your tech business with software marketing and impactful results


What success can be...

Your business could reach 120m+ people. You could achieve £1m+ investment. You could even hit your sales targets by 150%+. We reach, achieve and hit targets.

What we've done

We've successfully pitched into over 100 titles reaching over 147m. We've curated a 300% increase in Twitter impressions. We've created digital content that's led to direct sales. And that's just a snippet of our results.

  • Generating 140m+ reach in less than a year - for one client
  • Successfully landed 25 industry-specific press titles for one campaign
  • Sparking 40,000 conversations on social

Growing success – tech marketing

Every tech marketing business defines success in a different way, but it all comes down to growth. Want to grow? Get in touch now.

Growth of the bottom line, of headcount, investment, number of clients – if you’re not seeing these numbers grow, you need to start investigating why.

This is particularly true of technology software as a service (SaaS) businesses. It can be challenging to sell something your customers cannot touch, see, put in a box or show off to their board.

So how can SaaS businesses grow through tech marketing?

To grow, you have to communicate

tech marketing

At OggaDoon, whichever marker you’re using to measure your success, we create comms that impact your clients, your investors, your board – and your competitors.

We’ll be sharing some of the secrets to our tech business clients’ success: from landing tech PR (51 pieces of coverage in one year) to growing digital inbounds (raising CTR to 4.63%).

Want the shortcut? Get in touch with us now to discuss your growth markers and we’ll show you how to grow through industry leading communications.

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