Search Engine Optimisation isn’t something you can just ignore, crossing your fingers and hoping it will happen by itself, but it isn’t something to be afraid of either. SEO may sound complex and specialist, but as we have explored in earlier blogs, it is quite a simple concept that any business owner or marketer should be aware of in today’s competitive online space. When all of your time is being demanded by other, more tangible marketing and lead generation efforts, why should you consider putting aside a portion of that time for SEO?
Why does SEO matter?
Improving visibility
SEO will improve your ranking online, helping you on your way to the top position in online searches. The aim is to feature at least in the first two pages of a general online search, as the top spot is unrealistic for most companies – a massive 60% of all clicks go to the top three results. Maintained SEO on your website is the only way to do this.
Reach your audience
Identifying your business keywords, and optimising your website’s metadata and content will improve the likelihood of your target audience being able to find you. It’s easy to get lost in web searches, so whilst optimising your keywords and web content should be a focus for any brand, branch out into new areas, such as guest blogging and partnerships to develop referral traffic via inbound links.
Boost your conversion rates
With a finely tuned SEO strategy your leads should increase in quality as well as quantity. SEO doesn’t only serve to attract more traffic to your site, it also leads to better quality traffic that reflects your target market. Brand awareness can be as important as direct sales, as it creates warm leads which are likely convert into sales and revenue in the future.
At OggaDoon we understand the impact of SEO for any business, and have mastered the tricks of the trade to create more reach for your business. Want to know more? Get in touchfor a free coffee and a chat with our team, and find out even more ways SEO can work for you.