This blog is brought to you by our returning work experience intern, Poppy Costello-Roberts!

Well, here I am again with OggaDoon, completing my second week of work experience. After wholly enjoying my initial week, I requested to return and was graciously accepted.

OggaDoon’s surroundings seem all too familiar to me now and was a welcome sight when I walked into the office. Despite a few fresh faces, I was welcomed and made to feel part of the team again.

Bobby, PR and Digital Marketing Executive, was a great friendly new face to see. After leaving university only last year, he showed me how much is achievable if you put your mind to something. I felt almost like I had never left!

My first work experience was in tandem with my school; however, after enjoying my placement I decided to volunteer again. Before taking part in work experience I never considered marketing as a potential career, but now who knows!

The change in dynamics now made my work feel more real and as though I was truly working for a company other than just “giving it a go.” It was empowering to think that I could produce work that was of a high enough quality to be “client ready”, and to have secured the placement without the helping hand of my school.

Once again I was nowhere near disappointed by OggaDoon and was given plenty of new and interesting tasks to tackle. This week presented me with planning social media for OggaDoon, a housing development project and a sports event company; writing several blogs, including one for a sports website, and also taking part in several creative sessions. These sessions were my favourite part of the week as I was able to contribute my own ideas towards marketing tactics and also begin to understand how a good campaign comes together.

The part of the week that I found particularly interesting was attending a meeting with the very same networking company as my first week of work experience. (If you haven’t read my first blog, check it out here.) This allowed me to see exactly how businesses change over time and also to see how a marketing strategy has to adapt to overcome certain hurdles. Overall, attending this meeting was a very important step as it helped me gauge the flow of the workplace and how every single day presents a new challenge.

I’m in danger of repeating myself but my work experience here at OggaDoon really has been an incredible experience. I have begun to feel confident in my abilities and have learnt a lot from working with the team. For now, I’m signing out from the OggaDoon office and team but I hope to come back again soon, after my GCSE’s.