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What happened

Let’s be honest: it’s not everyday that those of us working in PR and marketing truly feel like we’re making a big difference in the world. But for OggaDoon, our work with the Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) felt just like that. We started working with WRC as they launched their #PayBacktheTamponTax campaign, which called for the government to use the taxes raised by VAT on period products to support women’s charities and organisations.

What we achieved

It started as a petition, which gained over 2,000 signatures before relaunching as a Crowdfund campaign raising £14,777 compared to its initial goal of £9,000 – that’s a 64.2% over-fund. On top of that we also saw: a 2,021% increase in social media engagement. A 102% increase in Twitter impressions. A 529% increase in Facebook reach. 12 press features.


The Crowdfund aimed to create a toolkit to support charities and organisations in requesting funds from the tampon tax to be ring-fenced for the women’s sector. This was promised by George Osborne in 2015, but never materialised. However, things took an unexpected turn. Covid-19 saw the women’s sector struggling for funds – even more than before. WRC redistributed £7,500 of its #PayBacktheTamponTax funds to help local charities that were providing front-line support for some of the UK’s most vulnerable women – a push that ultimately led to generous donations and an over-funding campaign.


We sold the story in to press contacts in the women’s sector and national titles with the news hook around the Tampon Tax. We created SEO-focused website content, regular and strategic social posting, and lobbied supporters to share and spread the word and campaign to their MPs.
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