Meet the OggaDoon Team

We create reach. We generate impact. We amplify brands.


Our Approach

Combining the creativity of the human brain with algorithms of digital marketing and curiosity of PR we deliver growth for people and businesses that have a passion and a purpose.

Our Passion

We thrive off of the passion and ambitions of our clients to put together truly creative and targeted strategic campaigns that we’re proud of. We hold ourselves to being only as good as our last project which is why we always deliver beyond expectation.

  • Press and Media Relations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Creative Content

What the heck is guerrilla communications?

Easy. It’s simply pervasive, engaging content through the right means that makes your business or campaign successful. That is traditional PR (the press), new age PR (online influencers), social media engagement, digital marketing, SEO, PPC, content marketing and advocacy. We do it all (or some if that suits better) but in our guerrilla style. It’s different but it works.

Working with people and businesses that have a passion and a purpose on a national and international level, as a team we are collectively motivated and driven by creating a positive impact – not just on the bottom line but for environmental performance and social value. Through our work and actions, we contribute to society and each other.

Even though we are a Bristol-based boutique business, our reach is global, working with selected partner PR and digital marketing agencies in the States and Far East, and we are boosted by strategic partnerships with web developers, graphic designers, videographers, app developers and event companies. Our punch is powerful.

We create pervasive PR and content that aren’t built on high costs but creativity, making them far more effective.

Kelly Newcomb
Kelly Newcomb – Digital Marketing Specialist

Caroline Macdonald
Caroline Macdonald – Founder and CEO

Emily Perkins
Emily Perkins – Associate Director

Ella White
Ella White – Content and Communications Executive