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OggaDoon is based in the heart of Bristol and London's tech and green centres. Our PR and digital marketing campaigns land your business results. Find out how your bottom line can improve with our team of experts at your side.

Results, results, results.

Many businesses know that there’s a need for cyber security, but find it difficult to choose the right service from an overflowing market.
Here’s how to increase your brand awareness as a cyber security company.

Smashing expectations
Accelerate your business’ growth.

+351% in website traffic
+1,386% in Twitter mentions
+433% in Facebook views

Immortal Sport needed to drive sales and awareness for their diverse range of summer events. We smashed their targets within six months.

51 million reach in 90 days
Global press needed for a new brand

11 pieces of coverage in 3 months: Thrive Global (twice!), Authority Magazine, BBC Radio 4 Moneybox, London TechWatch, Project Hatch, IdeaMensch, Enterprise League, HIWA Mag, The Events Podcast, and more
51m+ global reach
Not bad for a new client fresh off the block. Clever PR tricks to get coverage, clean and focused hooks, and expert brand positioning gave us the leverages needed to hit international titles.

Be prepared

2020 is the year we fully digitalised. Make sure your business can be found online, be where your audience is. Use digital marketing to build reach and drive engagement

Be prepared

NHS emergency doctor, World Health Organisation (WHO) digital expert, founder of Arian Teleheal charity, multi award winner. Introducing Dr Waheed Arian. Check out how we created a social media presence for this incredible man.

NHS professional's social media
Cyber security marketing

Digital marketing and PR agency based in Bristol and London's tech and green centres, delivering results and boosting your bottom line. B2B, cybersecurity, health and prop tech, sustainability, and SaaS are some of our core sectors

Our PR & Digital Marketing Services

Essential for any business to thrive in the digital age. Covering everything from social media, to website copy and content, to online advertising.

A vital part of marketing strategy. Communicating your USP generates a reason to buy. We deliver impact and generate that reason to buy.

Telling your story in a compelling way, engaging your target customers, and getting people talking is a tried and tested formula for business success.

It's the number one source of referral traffic online making up 35% of all referrals, and used correctly ensures that your target audience discovers your business.

“In delivering a huge international event in Bristol we realised we needed another pair of hands to communicate the event to our audience... OggaDoon were calm, collected, and effective.”

Jenny Oldfield

Communications, GPSDD
“OggaDoon have simply got on and delivered. Very easy to work with, able to handle all our PR and social media requirements with a strong understanding of how we operate.”

David Standingford

Co-Founder, Zenotech
“We have worked together on strategic projects such as a complete revamp of our website and several others in the pipeline... OggaDoon have been an important partner in Engine Shed's journey.”

Nick Sturge

Director, Engine Shed

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Get the results you want and deserve

Get results and leads through digital marketing, branding, marketing strategy and tactics, and PR marketing and tactics. OggaDoon is a digital marketing and PR agency based in Bristol and London’s tech centres. Your first project with OggaDoon is the only the start of our partnership. 

Delve into our decades of combined experience working with startups to blue chip businesses to get results for your brand. OggaDoon’s specialists work across a variety of sectors including the green and sustainability sectors, proptech, cybersecurity, healthtech, and events. Our clients are leaders, shaping the world through their innovations, and we’re proud of the companies we work with. 

Digital marketing, SEO, social media, and PR are essential for businesses. Meeting your customers at every point on their journey is fundamental to generating inbound leads and sales. Getting the right content in front of your audience when they need to see it, this is what we do, every day. 

We design and deliver marketing and PR strategies that make a difference to your bottom line. From helping businesses communicate their services and products, to helping start-ups gather speed, delivering value is always at the forefront so that you see the impact. Our team is a fully rounded, multi-discipline one that delivers a return on investment, every time.

Why choose us?


You need them and we get them for them. Whether you need social media engagement, ad click throughs, more traffic to site, or your news on top domain authority sites, we will work with you to get the right plan in place. 

Transparent and upfront

Being open and transparent about costs and work means a stronger relationship with our clients. You’ll always know what we’re up to, how we do and the results we’re achieving. 

Long-term relationship

We look at how we can help your business grow and increase revenue. Every project is one step towards building your company, and each one needs to make an impact. 


We are trusted by leading companies within their sectors, check out our reviews to see what we’ve achieved and how we’ve performed. 


We work to ensure we know of the new developments in digital marketing, SEO, and PR to deliver the results for our clients. 

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you.