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Unexpected creativity, strategic marcoms, spotting opportunities beyond the brief, engaging content.

Why OggaDoon?

“Because we’re different: we’re effective and we’re impactful.”
““We have worked with Caroline and the Oggadoon team for 2 years now and have benefitted hugely from the flexibility of support and guidance. Flexibility not just in terms of adapting to our needs and flexing the availability of resource but also in being able to provide strategic advice and co-creation of ideas one minute and then high quality content creation and social media support the next.””

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Founder and CEO

Caroline Macdonald

After turning around a loss making business to profit within a year at the age of 24, working as the National Marketing Communications Manager for a multi-national business, and being a partner in an environmental comms business, Caroline knew there was a different way to deliver impactful comms without following the same old pattern.

OggaDoon was born. The guerrilla comms business isn’t the traditional set up of a heavy handed PR firm, and nor was it just focused on the new excitement buzzing around SEO and social media.

Caroline’s passion for bringing creativity in an unusual way, spotting opportunities and making connections, and getting inside the mind of the client is what sets her strategic marcoms apart. Her ability to keep her mind’s eye on what the marketplace wants to touch, feel, experience, and hear ensures that her creative content delivers both for our clients, and their customers.

Caroline creates pervasive comms that aren’t built on high costs but creativity, making them far more effective. She’s built OggaDoon on her own ethical approach and values: kindness, honesty, and hard work.

Beyond OggaDoon, Caroline is the Chair of the Low Carbon Group LEP, sat on the National Federation Women’s Institute’s Public Affairs Committee, and the Investment Board for the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership. She’s shared her insight into managing an agency at the Agency Collective, and when not at OggaDoon HQ, is raising a clan of Macdonalds and refusing to leave her raving days behind her.

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