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Objective - Landing PR for a new SaaS brand

OggaDoon was tasked with landing PR for a new SaaS brand. introducing the brand, its proposition, and founder profiles to press and publications in the fintech, martech, cyber, SaaS and entrepreneurial space in the UK, USA, and Europe. The end game was to boost its credibility and establish its presence in these regions.

Results - Media Reach 753,358

OggaDoon created a new boilerplate for cuvama, as well as a bespoke media list, initially targeting 131 press contacts adding a further 31 following our press alert service. As we implemented the press activity we warmed media relationships with our contacts, researching what other topics might be of interest for future thought leadership pieces. OggaDoon secured seven pieces of content in key European, UK, and US B2B publications, one additional contributory piece was also secured generating a reach of 753, 358. This content was also adapted to raise cuvama’s profile on social media. For more information visit
MG Gurbaxani - Co-founder & CEO cuvama
“OggaDoon was tasked with our first PR campaign to promote our new brand and SaaS proposition across Europe and the US, with a goal of reaching our prospective customers and potential investors. OggaDoon secured seven pieces of content in key European, UK, and US B2B publications, as well as, one additional contributory piece, generating a reach of 753, 358. We were very pleased with the results and would certainly recommend them.”

MG Gurbaxani

Co-founder & CEO


cuvama is a new Innovate UK-backed SaaS tech business that needed to launch its new Customer Value Management (CVM) platform proposition and brand in the UK, USA and Europe. This SaaS solution addresses the growing problem of a lack of infrastructure for value management in B2B software subscription pricing businesses. cuvama approached OggaDoon to launch its new SaaS brand proposition by kickstarting a campaign to raise its profile and reputation online. As a new SaaS brand they had a website, but no third-party press coverage. So how could they build credibility with new customer prospects and investors? That’s where OggaDoon stepped up to the challenge.


In terms of segmentation, targeting and positioning we researched both publications, journalists and associations that wrote about key sectors and categories including fintech, martech, cyber, SaaS and also entrepreneurial (C-suite) press. From a topic perspective, we also researched and targeted journalists at a category level too. cuvama is a new proposition so creative hooks needed to highlight why the industry should take notice of its arrival, so to frame the story we focused on, industry positioning, founder expertise and a very important new client testimonial. The key messages highlighted cuvama and its new SaaS disruptive proposition as a perfect example of a new disruptive technology platform player in the growing SaaS Opex category. Furthermore, its founding members have a wealth of experience in global business platform deployment and the firm had already secured a good customer that was also keen to provide comment. The targeted press included a blend of industry and also entrepreneurial publications to drive awareness of this proposition to both customers and also future venture capital (VC), unicorn and angel investors, being that SaaS platforms in this space offer 10X plus gains.

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