Increase in website users over 12 months.
Boost in LinkedIn clicks over 12 months.
Growth in Twitter profile visits over 12 months.

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We’ve been working with Demand Logic since early 2020, however, between August 2021 and July 2022, metrics across the website, LinkedIn and Twitter saw huge growth.  

Our objective was to keep the website and socials up to date with regularly reviewed best practices, new and topical blog posts, announcements and features and a consistent content plan across LinkedIn and Twitter. 


Website sessions grew by +214% as more users accessed the site, due to more frequent announcements and a strong social media strategy. LinkedIn saw impressive increases across the board including +389% in clicks and an +81% boost in reactions. On Twitter, visits increased by +156%, whilst mentions soared by +100%.  

“We’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen over this 12-month period of working with OggaDoon. From new website visitors to more attention on our LinkedIn and Twitter posts, it’s proven that a defined content and social strategy works to cut through the noise by delivering top-quality content that focuses on what our customers are interested in.”

Mike Darby, CEO of Demand Logic

Interested in Working With Us?

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Demand Logic already had followers on their socials, a website in place, and a solid product that was already delivering successful results for its existing customers.

Our challenge was to reach new audiences and understand the kind of content that got them sharing and reacting, rather than just reading. And this didn’t just apply to social media.


Demand Logic’s existing channels weren’t short on posts – in fact, we actually cut LinkedIn posting by 11% to see a 111% increase in impressions and 389% increase in clicks. How did this work? 

Because creating a clear-cut strategy that ensured only the best and most interesting content was turned into social posts meant that Demand Logic’s followers were only presented with the most relevant and interesting updates. Twitter focused on amplifying announcements from the business, whereas more human-focused content on LinkedIn proved the most successful. 

And the benefits transferred onto the website, as a new FAQs page was created based on trending keywords relevant to Demand Logic. Also, regular content in the form of topical blogs, as well as web and press releases about new acquisitions, partnerships and achievements helped to bring users to the site.

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