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Immortal Sport needed to drive sales for their diverse range of summer events, raising awareness of each event and reaching new audiences which would in turn leads to bookings. We put together a marketing strategy and used our expertise in social media, creative content, and digital marketing to increase website traffic and high-quality engagement that converted to sales.


All website traffic metrics increased 351% between December and May. Performance on social media lead to higher levels of engagement through targeted posts and messaging, with Twitter mentions up 1386% and Facebook views up by 433%… All within six months of working together.
Lucy Ridout
““We loved working with OggaDoon! Not only did they deliver an effective marketing and communications campaign that allowed us to reach a large number of new athletes, they also helped us to retain and grow our customer base and they were also great people to work with.””

Lucy Ridout



Immortal Sport were struggling to reach new audiences to sign up to their summer events. Word of mouth is great for ticket sales, but is stimulated by engaging digital content. By implementing our digital marketing strategy, Immortal Sport was able to tap into new markets beyond its existing followers and triathlon clubs, leading to increased sales across all events.


Weekly blog content, targeted social media messaging, SEO keyword research, regular direct marketing, and building on our existing contacts to generate new leads in Immortal Sport’s target market, helped lift their digital marketing to new heights.

Guerilla Tactics Used:

Digital marketing strategy

Content creation

Press and media

Analytics and reporting


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