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Medicare Network approached us in September 2020, when cyber security risks were booming globally. The company needed to create more social media visibility for its brand and services, to let businesses, especially healthcare organisations, know that it can provide cyber security solutions for their businesses. Medicare Network also wanted to position itself as a leader in cyber security solutions for medical organisations, and it needed informative content suitable for social media, to spark interest, increase followers, reach, impressions and engagements.


Through social media posts, we’ve positioned the company as a leader in cyber security services for medical organisations in the UK and beyond, while increasing the company’s overall visibility, reach, impressions, engagements, and followers. We’ve created weekly content for Medicare Network on LinkedIn and Twitter. In two months time, we increased the company’s LinkedIn impressions by more than 913% and reactions by 4600%, while on Twitter we boosted likes by 715%, link clicks by more than 766%, and retweets by +1085%.
Quote from Christopher Dean for OggaDoon's social media services
“It’s impressive to see how our engagement grew in just a couple of months. OggaDoon helped boosting our performances across our social media platforms through their weekly content, very well purposed for our targeted audience. Not only this, but they’ve also provided us with tips for increasing our followers and gaining new leads. We’re very happy to see excellent results from our collaboration with the team at OggaDoon.”

Christopher Dean

Strategy and Operations at Medicare Network


Medicare Network aimed at getting their services known in the healthcare sector, however, the company didn’t have enough followers on its social media accounts, nor ongoing content to support this aim. It also wanted to position itself as a leader in the cyber security market, but it was missing informative content, relevant for their targeted audience. OggaDoon created a social media strategy to boost the company’s brand awareness, connecting the brand with the right audience.


We broke down the main messages that Medicare Network wanted to communicate, and delivered them through LinkedIn posts and tweets, carefully defining the right formats for each platform. We gathered and analysed market data, showing how and why Medicare Network is the right partner for medical organisations in terms of cyber security. Capitalising on its people and partners, we’ve generated interest and engagements for its online webinar organised in November 2020 for NHS practitioners.

Guerilla Tactics Used:

Content strategy

Market analysis

Social media strategy

Social media management


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