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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic outburst, people in the South-West of England have become more active, engaging in activities such as outdoor walking or cycling more than ever before. This was an exciting opportunity for Travelwest and West of England Combined Authority to further encourage people to carry on with their active lifestyles and enjoy the health, social, and environmental benefits of walking or cycling.

Surpassing set metrics

With a mix of strategic digital marketing, copywriting skills, and social media management, we’ve managed to surpass the client’s targets across this project that lasted close to 3 months (August till October 2020). We’ve set up a social media ads campaign for Facebook and Instagram, as well as a Google Ads campaign. These efforts resulted in increased engagement on social, and a boost in the website traffic. Starting from the client’s targets (340K reach, 1.3M impressions and 4K clicks), we achieved: 504 K reach, 1.4M impressions and 5.8K clicks. Our Google Ads campaign resulted in 2.2K clicks, with 81K impressions.


Beyond the normal challenges of setting up, monitoring and permanently adjusting the social media ads and the pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, we had fun working on this project. We’re pleased that we were able to come up with a fresh audience targeting strategy across customised campaigns with tailored messaging. Thanks to our agile working style, we were able to quickly adjust ads, ad sets or ad groups to improve metrics’ evolution from week to week.


Our main strategy was to find the right messaging for different audiences. Next, we made sure that the messages fitted the channel they were published on (Facebook, Instagram, or Google). Our focus was to reflect, through our copies, the differences in user behaviour across social media versus search. While the former is rather passive, driven by targeting, the later is driven by an active search intent. Finally, we knew from the start that a considerable effort would be required for constantly adjusting the campaigns. This is why A/B testing and the week to week analytics provided excellent insights on adjusting aspects such as: hook phrases, call to actions, headlines, but also technical settings, such as budgets, timings, and keywords optimisation.
raising awareness with digital marketing

Guerilla Tactics Used:

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