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Messaging is Key

Your branding is more than skin deep it’s about values and ethics. People – individual consumers as well as businesses – buy into your brand; the trust and expectation that your product or service will meet their needs and more. Too often brand power is overlooked and yet, like water, it seeps through every interaction and interface of your business.

Why Choose Us

Taking a deeper dive into branding communications to develop your brand strategy means that your business will maintain its unique selling points, differentiate you from your competitors, and remain relevant to your customers.
“Their guidance and workshops enabled us to dig deeper into our brand, audience, and USPs, and have enabled us to improve our branding proposition.”

Nicolas Alpi

CEO CookiesHQ

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As a branding agency, we have helped multiple businesses such as CookiesHQ, OmniDynamics, and Gregg Latchams get their brand working for them, resulting in an uplift in reach and revenue. For others, such as Screen Time Labs, our brand strategy has supported their differing capital raises, and for Sawday’s it resulted in high calibre recruitment drives.

Why is branding important?

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” (American Marketing Association).

Branding tells the story of your business and what you offer. Customers choose to purchase based on a variety of reasons, and a company’s branding will help convince them that you’re right for them.

Branding helps convince your customers that you are the right company for them. So it clearly has to deliver your messages:

  • Create trust in the brand
  • Define the brand within the marketplace
  • Connect potential customers with your offerings
  • Encourage uptake of your offerings
  • Ensure customers stay loyal to you

Start with your customers – who are they and what do they want? Understanding who buys your products or services allows you to respond with a brand that will connect with them on many levels. Emotional connections are arguably more important that rational connections for many prospects, so it’s important to know your customers.

Make sure your branding reflects what you offer. If you position yourself as best in class then you better make sure the service and products stand up to interrogation! Share your uniqueness, why it’s important, make sure your audience understands what you stand for, and what your values are.


What we offer:

Business Strategy

  • A critical review of your current branding
  • Tailored review of your business goals/objectives
  • Strategic review of the messaging, audience, and markets

Marketing Insight

  • Analysis of industry and competitor branding
  • Review of current internal practice and industry best practice

Activation and Implementation

  • Succinct brand collateral – including leaflets, handouts, presentations etc
  • Training (where required) for internal in-house resource
  • Ongoing support through campaigns or retainer relationship


Our brand service starts at £2000 – a small investment for lifetime returns. To get started, fill out the form below.

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