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Content marketing is a vital part of marketing strategy. Communicating your USP generates a reason to buy. Whether you need to communicate through flyers, leaflets, video, blogs, thought leadership, speeches, award nominations, product descriptions, or sales collateral: we deliver impact and generate that reason to buy.

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We create content your audience wants to read – and then gets it in front of them. By identifying your business channels and your customer’s pain points, we optimise your inbound marketing to convert into business goals: sales, investment, or brand awareness. Previous projects have delivered some of our clients’ biggest one-off conversions.
““OggaDoon really helped us get our business started. OggaDoon listened to our needs and translated them into an effective launch and broad online media campaign.””

Geoff Langan

Director, Orbitance

Are you ready to start your digital marketing journey?

Content marketing is one of the many ways we bring creative guerrilla marketing approaches to our clients across the UK. We defined a content marketing strategy for Engine Shed that increased email open rates by 150%, and helped YellowDog land a £15,000 contract through targeted publications. Simply put, we help you get new customers and exposure.

Ever felt like your carefully crafted content marketing tactics aren’t getting the attention that they deserve? We have created content for a variety of brands, from health tech innovators, to cybersecurity whizzes. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients say about us. 

How do we use planning and strategy to aid content marketing?

Billions of content pieces are uploaded to the internet on a daily basis. That’s why it’s so important to have a tried and tested content marketing strategy. To ensure your strategy is the best it can be, planning is essential. If you’re a business owner, content planning can take time away from generating leads. That’s why we’re here to help. 

We carry out an audit of your existing content, taking into account how information is presented on different channels, who your audiences are, and identify how your content marketing can be improved to help your overall business goals. Target audience profiling is key in the planning and strategy stage of content marketing. We use analytics tools to define your current audience demographics and investigate how we can encourage more of your target audiences to engage with content. 

This information is then factored into our content creation. We create messaging guidelines and themes which are important for creating consistency in the content released. Content guidelines, and wider branding guidelines, ensure that every member of your team has clarity about your brand’s tone of voice and format of content. These guidelines also minimise the risk of misinterpretation when you’re working with designers, or any other external organisation. Project management is a useful part of content marketing, allowing you the confidence to see things developed and created to meet your deadlines.

How can an agency help me with creative writing?

Optimised copy is an essential part of your content marketing strategy. We are an agency that specialises in both digital marketing and PR. Whatever your needs, we’ve got the know-how to deliver results. That could range from writing a thought leadership blog, to creating social media posts that get engagements, or even rewriting webpage copy. 

We use our knowledge of different platforms to develop enticing content that engages your target audience. When we write for a website, whether that is a blog post or the rewrite of a webpage, we research what keywords are most likely to drive traffic to your website and boost your page ranking. This information is then built into our copywriting in a way that is natural. 

We create content that is tailored to the different platforms. This is important because the audiences differ and have certain expectations of content to see on each channel. We stay abreast of industry trends and also factor in the behaviours of your target audience, using this to create content that gets engagement. 

Want to increase your brand awareness?

An effective way of generating brand awareness for your business is to land press coverage with third party networks. 

We have relationships with content creators across a variety of websites. An essential part of content marketing is exposing your brand to the right networks. We can help you to share your expertise and boost your brand awareness by presenting you with opportunities to feature as a guest blogger on a variety of third party websites. When we write the content for guest blogs we consider what will hook readers and create intrigue around your products and/or services. We look at who your clients are now, whose attention you want to get, and how we can get you on their radar. 

Award nominations are another way of increasing brand awareness for your business. As part of our content marketing service, we sift through the many awards that are available to enter, factoring in location, industry, and categories to find you the right opportunity. Award entries can be a lengthy process so we free up your time by crafting your entry and telling your business story in a way that appeals to a panel of judges. 

I want to know more! What next?

If you’re interested in our content marketing service, get in touch and we’ll get back to you to organise a meeting or phone call. You’ll get to speak to our team and get a sense of how we can use our experience to help you grow your business.

Our content marketing services start at £1000pcm. 

What we offer:

Planning and Strategy

  • Analysing current content
  • Profiling target audiences
  • Creating messaging guidelines and themes
  • Project management with designers/print

Creative Writing

  • Devising optimised short and long form copy
  • Creative content writing to market
  • Messaging, tone of voice, and branding awareness

Third Party Networks

  • Pitching guest blogs to journalists and potential clients
  • Securing interviews/speaking slots
  • Award nominations
  • Sharing content with our networks

Our tailored content marketing service starts at £1000 PCM.

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