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Residentian Property Digital Marketing

The UK housing market is undergoing a low carbon revolution, or at least it should be… We work with residential property developers, construction businesses, and housing businesses to match customers with their ideal homes. We have a particular focus on low carbon property developments as we believe buying a low carbon home is the single greatest thing an individual can do to reduce their carbon footprint.

Commercial Property Digital Marketing

2020 has been a challenging time for the commercial property industry. Regardless, demand still outstrips supply in most areas of the UK. This means that despite the challenges of a post-Covid world, commercial property sits among some of the most sought after spaces in the UK. Our goal is to reach the right people to fill these spaces.

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Property digital marketing agency in the UK

Whether it’s a residential property development, or a high concept commercial property space, our property marketing services will cover all bases. 2020 has been a rough year for the property industry, however this hasn’t shaken its position as one of the most secure industries going. Here at OggaDoon, we know the UK property market and how to avoid the pitfalls. Despite the past year, our property digital marketing services can help your business reign supreme in this competitive, high reward industry.

Property marketing strategy

The biggest shift in property marketing over the past few years has been the focus on sustainability. We’ve worked with a number of low carbon residential and commercial property developers to promote developments that are net-zero energy in use and during construction. We believe this is the best way for new housing and new office spaces to be created in order to reduce the impact on the environment.

Through a clever use of traditional and new-age PR and digital marketing, we have been able to achieve some incredible results for our clients. For Ssassy Property, we landed four top tier pieces of news coverage in just one week. This drove interest to their new low carbon development, Springfield Meadows, and ultimately lead to warmed leads and eventually sales. For the same client, we ran successful social media campaigns and content campaigns that translated their complicated low carbon methods into comprehensive and digestible content for their target home buyers.

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