They may be one of our clients, but we’re enthralled by the incredible work of Bristol Credit Union (BCU).

What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a not-for-profit bank that’s owned by its members – who join together to help each other out. The money that comes in goes out to do good in the community and not into shareholders’ pockets.

What Makes BCU Special?

Bristol Credit Union has a range of low-interest loans and bonds that raise funds that are reinvested back into the community. Some notable projects include creating new five-a-side pitches at the South Bristol Sports Centre and helping Bristol Energy Cooperative become one of the largest generators of community energy.

They’ve also been involved in a number of schemes, working with Employer Partners to improve hundreds of employees’ financial well-being, supporting Wheels to Work, to get the unemployed to interviews, backing the volunteers who promote our services in the local community and getting behind local economy projects like the Bristol Pound.

What’s this Solar Loan all about?

Bristol Credit Union, along with other partners such as Bristol Energy Co-operative are committed to making Bristol and the West a greener place to live, working towards making Bristol a carbon-neutral city by 2050.

With the Solar Loan, home and commercial building owners can get a low-interest loan which covers all of the upfront costs of having solar panels installed on their building, fronting part or all of the money which members pay back over a period of time, through a flexible repayment plan.

Why now?

The government’s Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) will no longer be available after March 2019 – this means that any solar panels installed after this time won’t generate power that can be sold back to electricity companies. To help members take advantage of FiT and get guaranteed payments for the next 20 years, this limited-time, low-interest loan has been created for homeowners and commercial property owners alike.


To find out more about Bristol Credit Union’s Solar Loan visit their website: