3 Reasons Why Crafting Unique Instagram Content Isn’t That Important

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Everywhere I look there is content surrounding originality and reality on Instagram. From TheSlowTraveller’s fake trip to Disneyland to Multiplicity’s data visualisation map showing us that no Instagram photo is unique, it’s easy to believe there is little value in dedicating time to running an Instagram profile. Yet, with 800 million active monthly users you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot if you give up on Instagram all together. So what is the value of Instagram, and how can you and your business cut through the noise to stand out amongst the clones and the fakes?
1) Create An Experience
There is an art to Instagram. Besides the camerawork, filters, and airbrushing apps, what makes a successful Instagram profile is the ability to create an experience for your followers. Whether it’s through a photo, video, or Boomerang you want your audience to experience you and your brand. This can be done through something simple like #OOTD or a short demo of your product; it’s about finding ways to express your brand through visuals.
2) Find What Works
You can’t expect to have a totally unique account. Whatever you do it’s guaranteed that someone else has taken that same short, used that same angle, been at that same location etc – even by chance. But being unique isn’t what will make you stand out. It’s about finding what works. Look at your end goals and share quality content that achieves it, whether it’s reach or engagement or bio clicks, when you find what works keep sharing, innovating, and testing.
3) Creating A Copy Can Still Catch Customers
This doesn’t mean copying a profile shot for shot but just bear in mind the success of platforms like Pinterest that use boards to compile similar images. Consider how users find what they like using hashtags grouping content together, improving visibility and expanding the reach of photo or profile. This will put you in the path of your target audience without a huge amount of effort – or ad spend.
My final thought for you is to consider how many beauty vloggers there are on Instagram, and just remember that they have captured their audience by finding out what works, creating an experience and copying others before them. Our Creative Content Manager, Emily Perkins, suggests you, “learn from the best, and spend some time exploring what your competitors are doing on Instagram – and take what’s working, add in your branding, and start a new conversation with your audience.”

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