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Press and digital success for SaaS technology company

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What SaaS technology firm would say no to a 3 million broadcast reach on national television? Not many, and it’s just one of 51 pieces of press coverage we landed for YellowDog in one year.

Talk to us about how we did it.

Saas tech press coverage

For a SaaS business like YellowDog to grow, they needed to communicate – challenging when you’re working on Hollywood projects with nice big NDAs. That’s why we took a different approach, focusing on their technology, company culture, and founder. 

But we didn’t stop there. Our multi-channel marketing campaign paired press with digital, delivering high impact online proof alongside the softer coverage. Did it work?

  • 1 creative content piece landed a £15,000 project
  • Reduced Google Ads CPC by 53%
  • Achieved 4.63% CTR

Software as a service technology business want to grow, and we’re ready to leverage our expertise. Want to see your CTR grow for your business? 

Talk to us about public relations for your tech business

Author: Bobby Marsh

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