Bristol is already a great place to start a business or to begin a campaign, so it’s no surprise that Impact Hub is hoping to open a new branch here. So much more than just hot-desking, Impact Hub is an innovative solution to work that’s spreading all over the globe. In over 60 cities, with a growing network of 85 separate ‘Hubs’ this project seeks to be part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community centre.
We went to the inaugural Impact Hub tour, which began at HAB Housing in Temple Studios. Impact Hub brought together a group of local movers and shakers, while HAB’s Mike Roberts gave an impassioned talk on their approach to sustainability, and how this aligns with their core mission to make homes that lift the spirit. HAB is ready to introduce a new housing development in Bristol, in partnership with United Communities, which aims to be completed in 2018. Focusing on overcoming barriers to creating better housing, Mike went on to explain the need for Councils to avoid ‘highest bidder syndrome,’ and the need for more public-private community partnerships.
In the second half of the evening, we were split into different working groups, and told to think about how we would address a series of challenges facing Bristol. From lack of housing, to congested streets, long-term unemployment and education inequality, the discussions were energising and valuable.

Over the next few months, the Bristol Impact Tour will continue to visit people, projects and spaces delivering impact. You can follow the progress of Impact Hub’s candidacy via their Facebook page, or on