Last week, OggaDoon headed to the Anson Rooms, Bristol for the two-day inspirational conference that was Vision Bristol. Now in its fifth year, we’ve been heading up the social media for the last couple of months to increase Vision’s reach ahead of the event.
Our guerilla approach meant that we concentrated on harnessing the top quality content of the talks, signposting followers and influencers to Vision’s website and building a buzz around the hashtag #VisionBristol. This targeted engagement was key to raising awareness of the brand and sparking conversations around the talks, and getting Vision out to a wider audience.
Our work on social laid the groundwork for clear messaging on the day, using just one hashtag – #VisionBristol and introducing the speakers Twitter handles to begin conversations. It paid off – #VisionBristol trended UK wide on the first day and in total, the hashtag garnered 4,389,759 impressions from 251 Photos & videos, 1705 Likes, 203 tweets, 347 retweets and 100 shares.
So what were our highlights? On the first day, Julia Hobsbawm implored us to not forget the human in networking, while Margaret Hefferman told us not to become ‘super chickens’ and that creativity comes from collaboration. We also had the chance to immerse ourselves in virtual reality. Taking a trip into the National Theatre’s collaboration with Bristol-based Play Nicely, we experienced a new Alice in Wonderland exhibition using virtual reality – whilst sat on a toilet. This was backed up by Henry Stuart’s (Visualise) VR chat in which he revealed how Thomas Cook’s sales rocketed by 180% when they used virtual reality. Finally Owen Hughes (Wolff Olin) explained how not to lose your corporate soul with messages that chimed loudly with the type of businesses we work with.

Thursday was also full of peeks into the future. Drew Benvie, from social media consultancy Battenhall, baffling us with the most up-to-date social insights – ten billion snaps are sent a day, and the future of social advertising is private messaging app, WhatsApp. He also talked about how vloggers are the new ‘celebs’ and it’s them you want to be endorsing your product or brand. Clever use of this included an English Heritage campaign which included Minecraft vloggers making replica castles to engage younger audiences.
The final talk on Thursday was from Jason Romeyko, whose title, ‘Braving the Way’ was a fitting conclusion, seeing as bravery came up a lot – to be at the forefront of the digital world does not come without trial, error, learnings and risks. But, if the speakers at Vision Bristol are to be believed, all of this is a crucial part of the process, which makes when it all pays off even sweeter.

Vision felt like five or six different conferences, all in one place. It’s power to put Bristol on the creative map was palpable throughout the two days, and we were particularly bowled over by the collaborative efforts from sponsors, partners and Bristol Media. Together, the event was slick, high quality, and incredibly enjoyable. We can’t wait til next year!