Brand building using PR and social media

Brand Building -Top tips and trends for PR and social media 2021

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How to create an aura of trust through social media and public relations

Brand building goes beyond just logos and colours in your marketing material. It is about influencing what your stakeholders think about your proposition and your company based on their emotional experience. When refreshing a brand and creating an aura of trust it does not happen by accident; if done well it is part of a strategic marketing planning process planning that creates the brand voice and personality which through a well-orchestrated launch campaign, then emanates across all physical and digital customer touchpoints.

Let’s remind ourselves of the definition of a stakeholder; “A stakeholder has a vested interest in a company and can either affect or be affected by a business’ operations and performance. Typical stakeholders are investors, employees, customers, suppliers, communities, governments, press or trade associations” Investopedia.

Digital Marketing and PR are the vehicles to transport messages to key stakeholders and they are essential tools to communicate the brand voice and more emotive brand personality by creating awareness and trust that your brand has the ability to solve customer problems and be accountable for its existence.

Brand building using PR and social media
Photo by Adam Jang

Top tips, trends  and techniques that we have used include:

C-Suite PR to Humanise the Brand
Crisis communications trust and reputationCompetitive PR Audit
Data for Story Telling
Sharing short-form content to drive traffic
Set Up Your Cyber Security Strategy
Stay Algorithm Savvy

Read our article full article over on techSpark and we assure you there will be something that you can implement for your business to get great results. If you need any help with your brand building, PR and social media then please get in touch with

Author: Nicola FinnHead of PR at OggaDoon, writes about PR, health technology, cyber security, sustainability, crowdfunding, and more.

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