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Caroline Macdonald speaks with BizVision on matching media with the client

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Our founder, Caroline Macdonald, has once again participated in a ‘Meet the Leader’ interview with BizVision, explaining how to intelligently match media to clients. 

Without knowing whether you’re speaking to the right audience, you may not see a return on your efforts. Businesses are having to change their PR models in the move towards online media, which can provide instant and long-lasting results.  

Caroline explained OggaDoon’s three elements for match-making, which include: What sectors are the client selling into? What sectors does the client occupy? How does the media relate to the leader or founder?

Depending on the client, it can be just one of these, or all three. We tailor our approach depending on which media is right for that objective. This helps to develop the relationship between the client and the chosen media so they can continue this connection beyond their campaigns. 

Caroline also shared the mistakes of new media, which includes a lack of preparation, misconceptions that it’s easy and that it will get instant results. After all, measuring PR can be difficult. Clients may look at sales and partnership opportunities to provide more leads. There’s also ego-matching, where clients may begin to receive more personal feedback which will make them feel their brand awareness is growing.

She further explained how personalisation is the future of the media. We have become more particular about what we want to see and how much it speaks to us. She added that future opportunities will help build relationships, directly engaging audiences through new markets and customer bases. 

You can watch the interview in full below.

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