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Changing your marketing strategy

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Strategy. Crafting a marketing strategy with goals, targets, audience insights, content requirements, social activation, and more can be a gargantuan task, and there are plenty of people in the world who breathe a sigh of relief once the strategy is signed, sealed, and delivered.
How irritating for us that the world changes. Social platforms’ algorithms change, internal priorities change, industries change, and that beautiful marketing strategy that you spent so much time on suddenly becomes… well, a little redundant.

It’s tempting in some cases to stay the course, no matter what has changed. Those decisions, when they were made, were the right ones, you tell yourself. We haven’t finished the campaign so we don’t have clear results yet. Let’s wait and see.
Sometimes wait and see works, but most of the time, if it’s becoming clear that your marketing strategy is no longer fit for purpose, it’s time to rethink, relook, and replan. It may feel like a painful process, but it’s worth doing to prevent the awkward conversation at the end of the campaign when someone asks you why you didn’t adjust earlier.
So what common marketing strategy changes should you be open to making?

On social, read the room

Much like at a networking event, when on social media for your brand you need to be able to read the room. What style of tone of voice drives the most engagement? What topics of conversation gets your audience going – for better or for worse?

For PPC, change up keywords

Even one week into a PPC campaign, you will have Cost Per Click (CPC) and Click Through Rate (CTR) data, and you can act on it. What keywords are generating lots of impressions? Which copy doesn’t drive engagement?

In press, find a new story

Don’t just keep battering down the door of a target press title if they aren’t interested. Find out why, and offer a new hook. Are they looking for something different? Does their editor not find your industry interesting? Have they covered one of your competitors recently?

For your brand, update your values

Plenty of brands that have been around for 50+ years need to update their values or value proposition every few decades. Is your brand starting to look a little vintage without you realising? Have you previously been aligned with a value that no longer represents you?
Being able to think critically about your marketing strategy is absolutely essential, because few of us can get everything right, and even fewer always get things right first time. The important thing is be open to change – providing you have a reason.
Need a fresh pair of eyes on your marketing strategy? Concerned that you’ve got yourself into a rut? Looking for a completely new approach? Get in touch here to start a conversation with the experts.
Author: Bobby Marsh

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