Ingenious ideas spark in pockets around the country: in universities, research groups, corporates, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. Bringing them altogether to solve big tech problems is what CoInnovate 2018 will do on January 24th, following previous successes in highlighting the natural intersections between organisations that form the diverse world of tech.
Collaboration brings huge value when approaching complex problems, with different viewpoints, methods, and skills merging to form comprehensive solutions. CoInnovate’s drive is to bring those people together for one day, focusing on specific Challenges such as cyber security, smart buildings, and healthy towns.
There are opportunities to pitch ideas to a panel of industry and academic experts at Tech Live! and the chance for organisations to exhibit and reach out to likeminded innovators across multiple verticals.
CoInnovate organiser, Denise Powell, Open Innovation Manager at IQE, commented:
“There is a wealth of dynamic and disruptive individuals and organisations here in the UK, but collaboration opportunities are being missed because we simply don’t know the complex challenges being faced by others. CoInnovate 2018 plays a pivotal role in getting everyone in one place, talking about the radical ways to innovate for the future.”
With Airbus, Siemens, and the Institute of Robotics already signed up to attend this year, we’re betting that the best and brightest of the UK will be heading to CoInnovate 2018 in January – so hopefully we’ll see you there!