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Whether your company is a startup or an established business, you need to know that marketing is ever-changing, and useful resources are essential to keep up. Marketing activities in the 21st century are pretty much digital or definitely interact with digital. However, everything digital is not an exact science, but it’s a field that keeps evolving, learning from its own algorithms, and adjusting to users’ requests and needs.

This means that you need to stay up to date with what’s changing in digital marketing, to understand how the main trends might influence your business.
We’re here to help you navigate through change, by showing you the top trends across social media, SEO, email marketing, influencer marketing, and more. First, we identify the trends, and then we tell you what they mean to your business, showing you how you can take advantage of specific trends to leverage your business.

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OggaDoon’s Digital Trends Report October 2021


digital trends report

In October we explored some of the top trends across social media platforms like Instagram & WhatsApp integration, Facebook’s rebranding, LinkedIn updates on ticketed events, the tipping feature at Twitter and shared some insights on Instagram vs. TikTok rivalry. These stories are still relevant, as they explain what each update means for your business. You can downloaded here:

Download October’s Digital Trends Report


OggaDoon’s Digital Trends Report September 2021

September’s Digital Trends Report looked at behavioural changes attributed to social media, while also analysing updates from across SEO, TikTok, Brexit and GDPR (yes, it is relevant to digital marketing), and Twitter. Download it now:

  1. Why short form content is increasing in popularity.
  2. What the latest SEO updates mean for your business.
  3. Whether TikTok’s increased popularity means your business should shift its marketing focus.
  4. How Brexit will affect GDPR and data laws.
  5. How to utilise Twitter’s new ‘Community’ feature.


Digital Trends September 2021

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OggaDoon’s Digital Trends Report August 2021

In August’s Digital Trends Report we covered trends across social media usage, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and followed up on the Google core web vitals:

    1. 2021’s evolution of the world’s top used social platforms
    2. LinkedIn’s acquisition of Jumprope in plans to expand video focus
    3. Instagram Reels are to be extended to 60 seconds
    4. Twitter introduces trials for a new feature, ‘Shop Module’
    5. More insights into web speed and Google core web vitals and what to do next


Digital Trends August 2021

Download the Digital Trends Report – August 2021

OggaDoon’s Digital Trends Report July 2021

July’s Digital Trends Report gathered announcements from Instagram, Google, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. Briefly, in this report you will read about:

  1. Instagram shifts its focus to video-sharing.
  2. Google Search Console rolls out insights.
  3. Twitter allows connecting tweets with Instagram stories.
  4. TikTok videos become longer (3-minute maximum length).
  5. The future for Facebook in the privacy era.

Download Our Digital Trends Report – July 2021

OggaDoon’s Digital Trends Report June 2021

June 2021 Digital Trends Report OggaDoon

In this report we covered: (1) Google’s limited data tracking announcement; (2) Twitter’s monetised content strategy; (3) Instagram’s transparency about how their algorithm works; (4) YouTube’s plan to reward creators of Shorts; (5) Facebook and Instagram’s announcement about hiding likes.

Download June’s Digital Trends Report

OggaDoon’s Digital Trends Report May 2021

May Digital Trends Report OggaDoon

Find out what’s the best format for maximising engagements via Instagram, what’s new with Twitter’s Spaces feature, Clubhouse’s plans to extend to Android and more from Facebook and TikTok in May’s Digital Trends Report.

Download May’s Digital Trends Report

OggaDoon’s Digital Trends Report April 2021

April's Digital Trends report

Learn about the zero-click search, Clubhouse coming on Android (will it?), Twitter’s e-commerce, personalised ads on TikTok and new changes to Google’s core web vitals. Fill and submit the form below to download the report and see how these changes impact your business.

Download April’s Digital Trends Report

OggaDoon’s Digital Trends Report February 2021

digital trends February 2021

In this report, we tell you about Twiter’s newsletter functionality. We talk about Facebook news coming in the UK. We present a new feature from Google that evaluates websites before clicking, we talk a bit about Clubhouse and a new addition to LinkedIn features.

Download February’s Digital Trends Report

OggaDoon’s Digital Trends Report January 2021

Social Media Trends 2021

On this occasion, we covered the social media trends of 2021. Memes, user-generated content, the 4Cs of Covid or ‘how to’ videos, and more in ‘Top 10 Social Media Trends of 2021’.

Download January’s Digital Trends Report

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