Do you want to know how much time you spend on social media? Facebook is about to tell you…

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Most of us probably feel we spend too much time on social media. Whether you’re all-out addicted, checking your newsfeeds on break times, or double screening in with the TV on in the evening, it’s hard to deny that lurking on social channels has become a global obsession. After all, you wouldn’t want to be behind on the latest pop culture news, would you?
Don’t worry. Social media knows you want to kick the habit, so now it’s trying to help you. Facebook and Instagram are launching activity dashboards to help you check your time spend in their app, turn off your notifications, and even set yourself daily limits.
The feature will display graphs for each app so you can view your browsing time and set your restrictions down to 5 minute increments. 99% of users will receive this feature, with the remaining 1% acting as a testing group to prove (or disprove) the effectiveness of self-monitoring.
Social media companies have faced backlash for aggressively demanding the time of users throughout the day with constant notifications and reminders. The increase in time spent on social app has been proven to have a negative affect on users’ wellbeing, but it does highlight a concern for brands.
Brands have to work to grab audience attention on social media, and now, those audiences may be about to spend less time idly scrolling through newsfeeds and viewing adverts. Brands may be forced to step up their game and find new, inventive, and creative ways to reach their target market.
What’s more, less time on social media apps could mean less time spent online overall, with high conversions to websites coming through social media posts and adverts. This could be especially impactful for YouTube advertisers who rely on users watching continuous video streams for the highest ad reach.
Technology must take responsibility for the consequences of the addictive nature of its products, and it is positive to see tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google starting to address digital wellbeing… But the impact for brands remains to be seen.
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