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Emily Perkins speaks at Girl Geek Dinners

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Emily Perkins challenged women in various tech roles to speak up and be heard at Girl Geek Dinners last week, encouraging them to claim their own voices and be deliberate in the way that they communicate in the tech workspaces.

Highlighting the disparity in the tech world’s gender balance, our Creative Content Manager encouraged attendees to be aware of when to speak and when to save it for later: “You may not do yourself any favours by arguing with a colleague in the middle of the office, but a quiet word with your manager later is absolutely the right decision. No one else will speak up for you but yourself.”

Emily delivered advice from her expertise on both speaking professionally about your company and brand, and communicating as an individual within the tech world. For any company or individual to advance you must communicate, and this can be difficult for people who work in the tech industry who spend most of their career focused on problem solving or innovation.

But when you meet with a client, potential business partner, manager, or board member you need to be able to share your company’s vision and values, and communicate what value you bring. Emily’s time with Girl Geek Dinners shared a little of her insight – or as much as could be in twenty minutes!

Girl Geek Dinners was originally founded in London in 2005 by Sarah Lamb, and is hosted in Bristol by Serrie-Justine Chapman, championing the women in tech who can be marginalised in the companies they work for. The events aim to create a network of women in tech who can support and challenge each other to even greater excellence.

You can attend the next Girl Geek Dinner by clicking here, and if you’d like a communications workshop for your business, just click here to get in touch.

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