Emily Perkins Reveals Future of Blogging at Design / Build / Market

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Our Creative Content Manager, Emily Perkins, spoke last night on the future of blogging at the popular Design / Build / Market event that drew over 50 people to Engine Shed, Bristol. Sharing her insight into the history of blogging, and her predictions for future blogging trends, she encouraged attendees to write with passion and impact. If you missed out, you can chat with Emily by clicking here.
After her thirty minute talk, Emily accepted questions from the floor: insightful queries ranged across topics including the rise of chatbots, particularly through Facebook Messenger, a foray into podcasting, and whether it’s better to not blog at all, rather than blog badly. After some networking, and delicious food catered by Good Sixty, Emily discussed with some of the attendees the power of TEDx and the challenge of increasing footfall for physical stores.
Then it was time for the panel! Emily was joined by Sonja Jefferson, Founder of Valuable Content,Stacey Tylisczuk, Digital Specialists Recruiter at ADLIB, and Neil Elliot, Co-Founder of Patternbank,to field questions from host Nic Alpi of Cookies HQ on the challenge of social media, the rise of recruitment in these areas, and the best ways to approach content creation for different audiences. After taking questions from the crowd on technical writing, tone of voice, and favourite platforms, the evening came to a close – after a visit to the nearby Sidings Bar, of course!
Design / Build / Market proved once again the hunger for high quality, engaging, and impactful content. We all want to create it, and yet that is often easier said than done.
If you want to deliver insightful and meaningful content through your website, and deliver it to your target audience through social media, then we can help. Click herefor a chat about your website, your audience, and how you can reach them.
Author: Bobby Marsh

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