Ethical Marketing

Ethical Marketing: Communications Done Right

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We always have and always will be an ethical marketing agency.

We ensure that we not only represent our clients’ brand values by being conscious of our own social and environmental impact, but also consider these factors at every stage – from the way we do business to the way we communicate ourselves and our clients.

At our core we:

  • Care about our own social and environmental impact
  • Understand our corporate social responsibility and instill this in our staff
  • Seek to work with suppliers that are environmentally friendly
  • Consider ourselves to be a living wage employer
  • Meet our financial obligations on time
  • Operate a paperless office
  • Offer flexibility and understanding to our team

What is ethical marketing?

Ethical marketing generates customer interest in products and services, builds strong customer relationships, and creates value by incorporating social and environmental considerations in all communications and promotions. We are driven by the WFTO’s 10 Principles of Fair Trade and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which set the standard for our own practices.

What does this mean?

An environmentally friendly agency

As a primarily digital agency, it is easy for us to keep everything electronically but there are times when producing collateral requires us to go to print. We are a paperless office and we encourage our employees to stick to digital where possible. When we work with printers and third parties, we always seek suppliers who use recycled materials and/or those that print on materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable.

We care about our social impact

We are experts in our field and strongly believe that knowledge is something that should be shared. In attending and delivering talks across Bristol, Bath, and the rest of the UK, we not only demonstrate our expertise but put ourselves in a position where we can learn from others and collaborate as a collective – whether that be with other professionals or students at any age.

We always pay on time

As an employer we pay our staff fair, living wages and ensure that all payments are made on time. We understand the impact that money has on everyone’s lives which is why we are always clear about when monies will be paid.

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