Antibody testing is the words on everyone’s lips at the moment, as the UK slowly starts to reopen society and looks for a way to test and track coronavirus cases. There are now a number of antibody tests on the market to help solve this.

But first-to-market were health tech company Forth

Forth are a health tech business who help people become their personal best through informing and advising them on different health indicators known as biomarkers. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Forth had started developing an antibody testing service which they prioritised to completion in order to provide commercially available Covid-19 antibody tests as soon as possible to help with the national effort. They released the test on 7th May and were the first company to do so.

The test uses an assay approved by Public Health England validated to have 98.5 sensitivity and 99.5% specificity. However, it’s not currently known to what extent immunity is conferred nor for how long as Covid-19 is such a new virus. 

Antibody testing is going to be an integral part of the ‘new normal’ and to help limit the spread of the virus. It’s fantastic to see a Welsh SME paving the way forward.

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