When we started working with Immortal Sport, the main goal was to drive sales for their Stourhead Weekend – two days of triathlons and running events at one of England’s most popular National Trust estates.

Digital marketing services included:

  • Social media management; Twitter and Facebook
  • Online community engagement
  • Messaging and communications strategy
  • Creative content writing

First month impact report:

  • 90% increase in website users
  • 86% increase in the amount of traffic to the website
  • 346% more engagement on Facebook

As well as converting sales and increasing awareness of their events, we managed to achieve ground-breaking digital improvements across Immortal Sport’s website and social media.

Within two months all website metrics had increased, in some cases by almost 100%, and performance on Twitter and Facebook was up by over 300%.

An engaging digital marketing strategy not only converts impressions into sales, but it builds a community from your audience, who are likely to keep coming back for more.

By lifting Immortal Sport’s digital marketing into new heights, they have been able to engage with wider audiences, and generate new leads for sponsors and partners within their target market.

Find out more about Immortal Sport’s digital marketing success in this case study.